LHIlling test survey


Chelmsford County High School for Girls

Supplementary Information Form

to register for the Entrance Test on Saturday 10 September 2016 

for entry to Year 7 September 2017

Please read the following information before completing this form.


1. This application consists of 8 pages. You can view your progress by the bar at the top of the screen.
2. Please ensure you have read the CCHS Information Guide and the Admissions Policy for Entry in 2017 prior to completing this form.

You will need to provide a recent passport size photo of your daughter and proof of your permanent address in the form of the following items:



UK photocard driving licence (if applicable)



Council tax bill



Two utility bills dated within the last six months (one of which must be the electricity bill)



If in rented accommodation, please provide a copy of a signed, valid long term tenancy agreement covering the period from the time of registration to sit the entrance test to the date commencing the start of term in September 2017.




If you are requesting a special arrangement/assessment you will need to provide sufficient evidence (in the form of a letter from the family doctor, hospital consultant or specialist) confirming the candidate’s medical condition.

Special Arrangements Guideline


Requests received after the registration deadline of 12pm (noon), Monday 27 June 2016 will not be considered.


Chelmsford County High School for Girls is part of a group of Grammar Schools who will be using a common admissions test on Saturday 10 September 2016 for Year 7 September 2017 entry.


Applicants for any of these schools may only take the test once; the raw marks from the test will be passed to the other schools for inclusion in the appropriate standardisation sample but only if you have registered with each school you wish to be considered for and according to their admissions policy.  If it is found that an applicant has taken the test twice, the raw scores for the first attempt will be used for the standardisation process.


Your daughter can only be in one place to sit a test on Saturday 10 September 2016 regardless of the test provider.  Priority should always be given to your first preference school. 


Applicants who wish to attend the entrance test for another school being held on the same day as the CCHS Entrance Test will not be permitted to sit the CCHS Entrance Test on an alternative day.  This will not be deemed as an exceptional circumstance.  


You will need to indicate where your daughter will sit the test on the final page of the SIF (Supplementary Information Form). 


Please ensure you have entered your daughter's details correctly as this is the information that will appear on all correspondence and test material.


Incomplete applications will not be accepted.